The Role and Use of safety shoes

The Role and Use of safety shoes

Anti-smashing labor insurance shoes and steel head labor insurance shoes is the same type, that is, to protect the toe safe labor insurance shoes.

Safety labor insurance shoes and labor insurance shoes are foot safety protection, but also the same meaning. It has a lot of types, such as the protection of toes, puncture, insulation, acid and so on.
Safe labor insurance shoes use specifications.

Oil and plastic shoes for the area of ​​oil or oil splashing place; waterproof labor insurance shoes for the area of ​​water or splashing of the workplace; cold labor insurance shoes for low-temperature operation of the foot protection, so as to avoid frostbite.

Anti-piercing labor insurance shoes for foot protection, to prevent a variety of sharp objects stabbed.

The main function of anti-smashing labor protection is to prevent the fall of the foot injury.

The main function of steelmaking labor insurance shoes is anti-burning, cutting, should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, non-flammable. This type of labor insurance shoes for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on.

In addition to the above, there are some special labor insurance shoes supporting the use of such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum material, such as labor insurance cover.

The selection of labor insurance shoes should be based on the hazardous nature of the work environment and the degree of harm. Labor insurance shoes should have product certification and product brochures. Should be used before the use of the conditions to read the instructions, use the method to be correct. Special protective labor insurance shoes, after use should be checked and kept clean, stored in a non-polluting dry ground.

The choice and use of labor insurance shoes
(1) labor insurance shoes in addition to the operating conditions should be selected according to the appropriate type, but also should be fit, wear to make people feel comfortable, it is very important to carefully select the appropriate labor insurance shoes.
(2) protection should be non-slip design, not only to protect people's feet from harm, but also to prevent the operator was slipping caused by the accident.
(3) a variety of different performance of labor insurance shoes, to achieve their own protective performance of the technical indicators, such as the toes are not injured, the soles of the feet are not stabbed, insulated and other requirements.
(4) the use of labor insurance shoes to be carefully checked or tested in electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked labor insurance shoes are dangerous.
(5) labor insurance shoes to be properly kept after use, rubber labor insurance shoes with water or disinfectant after use to wash and dry to extend the service life.